Adobe Flash

Why do a lot of people want this? It is a terrible technology and has so many bugs that it makes all 3 different platforms I use crash (Mac, Windows, Linux). I understand that a lot of places use flash video, but really? Flash is just crapware. The sooner flash dies the better.

Simple for me, I want to watch 

I think you can watch this MLB.TV via the PLAYON server software.  It trasncodes the incoming streams into something that XBMC can watch.



You could use Plex too, but really, should just go with html5 video

I've searched everywhere for how to get working with plex but can't see to get it working. They have an MLB plugin but doesn't seem to work. Has anyone got it working with PLEX? 


And I've used PlayOn but the video quality isn't very good for

Plugins are not currently working with Plex.  The current Plex install for ATV is only a proof of concept and video only works for previously downloaded media to your Mac.  Plugins and other features are for future updates.  Granted, I wish it would come sooner than later, but hey, at least we have Plex.  Every time I've tried XBMC it crashes.

If these Guys get MLB to work and get the fake my location app, I will be making a nice donation.
One small step for mankind, one giant StEp to destroying cable.