Adobe Flash support on Couch Surfer Pro

For jailbroken iPhone/iPad/iPods, Frash by Comex enables adobe flash support.

It is possible to port Frash for ATV2? (I tried Frash-0.02.deb but came with "gsc.armv7" dependency error.)


"Over the past few weeks we've spent a bit of time working towards enabling Adobe Flash and determining how usable it would be. Ultimately we did get it working (big thanks to Comex) however the end result was far less than ideal. Videos would load ok, but playback was limited to 1-3 frames per-second which by any standard is pretty awful.

Instead of pursuing Adobe Flash any further we've decided to work towards optimizing HTML5 streaming video, which many popular sites are already using. HTML5 streaming via Couch Surfer has been improved greatly in recent weeks, and we're working towards making it even better."

I thing all that work should not go to waste, Firecore should put a toggle for it in the settings, and contribute the code back to git hub, or even better release a .deb or a Firecore cydia repo with their frash version, that would give lots of publicity, maybe people would even buy aTVflash more to support things like this that can migrate to the other iOS devices.

Releasing the source for the AppleTV Adobe Flash support would probably make some sense, I'll make a note to check into what it would take to bundle it up.

However, since the performance of Adobe Flash is currently so poor, adding a toggle setting would probably cause more problems than it would solve.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Thanks for looking into it.

The performance may be bad for video, but it is useful to navigate some websites that have flash-only menus that are not usable otherwise.

I have used it on my iPhone for that reason, but it stopped working in iOS 4.2.1...since you fixed and improved it, I would love to get it working again on my ATV and iPhone.