Adobe Flash on Apple TV

I downloaded and installed the atvflash hack onto my apple tv yesterday. Once i completed all the codec/plug installations i tried visiting I was unable to view any videos because it said i did not have the latest adobe flash player avaible. i am certain i have installed the adobe flash player that came with my atvflash download and im pretty certain that i have the latest version available. is anyone else having problems watching content from and is it possible to update my adobe flash.


All information needed to get flash working on AppleTV is in this thread:
and on this guide:

Only problem is to get hold of the proprietary “CoreAudioKit.framework” if you do not have access to either a Mac running Tiger or the Tiger installer disk.

Good luck!


Here is another good link on the subject:

LOOOL… just enter “CoreAudioKit.framework download” into google and you get TONS of torrents and rapidshare links.
You can’t get it easier…

I would paste a link but I think my comment will be delete then.

Don’t know if i’m allowed to do this but…you can obtain the file from this location:

[EDIT - Please no torrent links]

This is untested by myself but looks like a good place to start. Took me a long while to find this.