Adobe Flash not working in Ver 4.0.5

Any update on when this and other issues are going to be fixed??.
I noticed you added VPN code so your potential market for customers is going to be a lot bigger, cannot blame you for that. But you don’t seem to be fixing a MAJOR problem, FLASH support. Don’t get me wrong I like the software but the parts that are a broken and have been for a while are not IMO minor. Please keep us abreast of your progress towards fixing the flash and other issues.

This is getting sicking already. Do we need to contact Paypal and get our money back as this product is useless to me without Flash. They have pushed out 2 versions and still haven’t fixed old problems. VERY VERY Poor … Guys time to open your ears and eye’s and get your old problems fixed first.

It’s typical of this company, you’ll get used to it, or just wonder why you bought the damn thing.

I asked for my money back after owning product for little over a month and was denied. Flash was commented as a “little” problem in the reply email.

Rest assured Flash development for Couch Surfer is under development. As simple as it may seem enabling this feature requires a MASSIVE amount of work as the support for “Netscape” type plugins under AppleTV 3.0+ is drastically different. As such the timeframe is a bit hazy, but ideally there will be limited access to a Flash compatible beta version in the next 2 weeks.

We’ll post any updates on the status of Flash in this thread:

Note: Adobe Flash can currently be viewed in Firefox after enabling Flash as described here:

Dec 28th, 2009 email from ATV

" aTV Flash has a 15-day money-back guarantee. Unfortunately this timeframe has passed.

An updated version of Couch Surfer Pro that includes support for Adobe Flash video will be available within the next 1-2 weeks.

Happy Holidays.

Fire Core, LLC"

Which 2 Weeks? Well past 2 weeks. (Dec 28 2009)

Tic Toc… Wow I wonder why when I asked on another forum if I should purchase this product 4 people said download it for free from a torrent site as there is no support and the company has no care about their customers. If I could get a refund I would as this is just terrible service. Hope this is fixed soon but doubt it…

If it’s so important for you, why don’t you use flash with Firefox until the fix is out.
I’m sure they working on a resolution, and I prefer having something launched which works,
rather than something that is rushed thru and contains bugs…

Come on guys just chill. They are working on it. The Atv flash is a great product. The Usb port activation is worth the $50. Not havng to stream or have to depend on iTunes is awesome. Coach surfer will be fully funcional soon. Thanks for all your hard work!

Its about accountability. If you advertise a product that does A,B,C, & D but it only does A,B & C you can’t sit back and say, “Well we know it doesn’t really do “D”, but boy it does A,B, & C really good!” and expect customers to be happy. Thats false advertising.

On the home page it states:
✓ Fully compatible with the latest 3.0.1 AppleTV software

Then a little further down it states:
Surf the Web
Visit your favorite sites, check email, and update Twitter all on your TV. Your couch is your new workspace.

All that states to me that this product works - fully. I can not find any wear on the site that states that Adobe Flash will not run on OS 3.0.1 and there for surfing the web will be extremely compromised.

I’m not saying ATVFlash is a bad product, or that it does not have value. I’m saying the website, and supporting material is misleading at best. And the company should not be selling a incomplete product without fully informing the customer of its short comings.

I have to totally agree. Then to post a week or 2 and there will be a fix or beta. Well now almost a month later not a peep from them or any sign of a fix. I just wrote an article for our city paper on this software and well what can I say it wasn’t pretty. I will post the link to it when it comes live. Great start but poor ending result…

Please take a look at the official announcement here.

Please post any replies in that thread.