Adobe flash 11

Hi, I’ve had adobe flash working on my gen 1 apple tv for some time now but am getting messages saying I need to upgrade to flash player 11.

I have tried manual updating by downloading the flash player 11 dmg and ssh’ing into the apple tv and mounting and installing it.

Everything seems to work ok, no error messages.

However I am still getting upgrade to flash 11 prompts on various sites.

If I check under maintenance, manage plug ins it says I have a version of 10.0 installed (default)

It still works fine for sites that use flash 10 and under just not 11.
If I disable the plug in via maintenance I get prompts saying flash isn’t installed, and trying a manual update does nothing.

Any one had any luck getting flash player 11 working?

I have same problem :frowning:

Flash 11 requires Osx 10.6

ATV runs with 10.4

I think I am finding the same problem. I have an ATV1.  I followed Firecore’s detailed instructions to install Adobe Flash on my ATV1. That is I bought an unlicenced copy of Mac OSX 10.4.10 Tiger (Intel), using Pacifist I extracted the ‘CoreAudioKit.framework’ folder (a process which required me to copy it first from Pacifist to a clean USB drive and then FTP it to the documents folder in my AppleTV.  I then ran into problems. Firecore said:


Hi, after copying the framework to the AppleTV you will need to re-install Adobe Flash through the menus.

Try this.

1. Navigate to the Maintenance --> Install Extras menu. 
2. Highlight the Adobe Flash item and press the right arrow to remove it. 
3. Restart the AppleTV when prompted. 
4. Go back to the Install Extras menu and re-install the Adobe Flash item.

So I have followed the Firecore instructions. The AppleTV wants to download Adobe Flash Version 
But if I want to view stuff with Adobe Flash I am told by the Adobe website I need Adobe Flash
I have had an outstanding support request regarding this for a number of days. I fully accept that Adobe 11 will not work. But why can I not get a late version of Adobe Flash 10 to work?

That’s a good question!

After all, Flash 10.3 is supposed to work on Intel 10.4

Why is it not supported by Firecore?

Firecore support are not explaining this at all.There must be a mechanism to allow the Install Extras menu to update Adobe Flash to Version which is the up to date release for Adobe 10 and people running Tiger on their AppleTVs

I think Firecore have hit a brick wall on this one - with no fault on their part. Adobe have now upgraded Flash for the Firefox browser so that you have to have Flash 11. Flash 11 needs OSX 10.6 and the latest OSX on the ATV1 is OSX 10.4

So we are now completely stuck

I just checked in Maintenance and it looks like they did it!!!

Just go to Maintenance -> install extras and you should see the Flash update available.

Great job guys!! 

What about Flip4Mac and Perian? They are both outdated as well :slight_smile:


Flip4Mac have stopped building for older versions, and Perian are giving up work on their code too, and making it open source. ATV1 is now over 5 years old. It can’t be supported forever.