Adjustable time left until 'watched'

Probably true, but why not make it an option? A 2020s CGI-fest might have 10 whole minutes of credits, but older films have no end credits at all! Just a title card saying “The End.”

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Same issue here. quite annoying
I vote for a setting/toggle

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I watch a TV series where each episode is 2 hrs 13 mins. If I stop watching anytime after approximately 2 hrs it gets marked as “watched.” If it were a movie, that 2 hr mark would seem about right to me, because we’d be at or in the credits when I stopped. Is there any way to change that algo for TV Shows so I don’t miss the final 13 mins or so?

On a related note, I wonder if others think that amount of time between starting a file (pressing enter) and the 5 second or so darkness before it plays, might be a bit too long. Plex takes about a second. An elegant comprimise might lie between 1-5 seconds.

I moved your post to a currently running suggestion thread requesting this feature. :wink:

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Ha – turns out I do. I never had a problem when I used Infuse only for regular movies and TV shows.

But now I’ve started using Infuse to watch multipart history documentaries on my iPad (like Ken Burns) while I eat a meal by myself or something. I’ll start wherever I left off and stop whenever I’m done with my meal.

And it’s happened at least 5 times in the past month that Infuse tells me I finished the previous episode, when I still had 4 minutes left or something like that! And I’ve got to jump around to figure out exactly where it was that I’d stopped.

So I’d really like a way to turn adjust the time until “watched” down to zero. It’s so important, I don’t mind otherwise manually marking videos as watched, just so Infuse won’t keep losing my place.

Also, should this suggestion be merged with Option to adjust the 'watched' threshold ? They seem to be the same suggestion on the same subject.

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Good catch! Thanks and done. :+1: