Adjust subtitles

Not sure what a good title will be but I have a few movies that for whatever reason don’t have the subtitles lined up sometimes up to 10 seconds ahead of the scene and it’s very distracting would be a cool feature to be able to adjust the subtitles forward or backwards like you can with audio.

I’m pretty sure this feature is already included. Should be accessible during content playback.

If you’d like to make the changes permanent (Infuse will remember as long as the item remains in the library but not change the original files), you can upload your subs to the website below, specify the time offset you require, and it will spit back at you a new copy of the subs with the subtitles now in sync.

I think it only works for external subtitles. Those packaged in mkv cannot be adjusted. If I feel the need to adjust them then I download external ones but it wouldn’t be bad to have it for subtitles in mkv containers too.