Adjust Subtitle 3D Depth

Any chance we can see this popular feature added soon?

Can you elaborate a bit on what you are hoping to see added?

Are you referring to a translucent box behind the subtitles as described here?

More border please james like this ,

and please add subtitle color adjusment like " white +1 +2 +3 , white -1 - 2 - 3

We need more shadow for subtitles.


You might want to add your support the the thread that James referenced above in the Suggestions forum.

No, I mean the depth of the subtitles in 3D space. Most players that support subtitles in 3D mode (SBS, TAB) also allow for the positioning of the subtitles in 3D space. If the subtitles are at 0 (default), then some of the objects that pop out will get smashed by the subtitles.

Example: Settings/Player/Language - Official Kodi Wiki

Since the Apple TV doesn’t output actual 3D content I doubt if adjusting 3D subs in Infuse would work.

I’m sure that it will. It just takes moving the subtitles farther apart or closer together. That’s all. Infuse already does a great job of doubling the subtitles and the seek bar. This would just be a minor variation.

Thanks for the clarification.

I’ve tweaked the thread title, and am moving this to suggestions for now.

Thanks! I hope I’m not the only one wanting this.