Adjust skip forward/backward times?

As a new Infuse Pro user, I was surprised to see 10 secs only on both forward and back skips.

Hopefully we can get some more visibility on this, and some customization in the future :slight_smile:

Note: mainly tvOS user

Ugh, same here. I use the backward button very liberally to repeat portions of dialogues with VLC since i have it configured to 2 seconds so i repeat what was just said, but here i have to weight if its worth it to watch like extra 10 secs or not and often I just keep playing.

Wish the duration was customizable. Should be easy enough to add in, its literally just an extra text box to read in an integer and replace the default in the existing function(s).

They could prolly do it in like 5 mins

I like the way Kodi does it where it increases in steps…
-10min,-5min, -3min,-1min,-30sec,-10sec,-5sec,0,+5sec,+10sec,+30sec,+1min,+3min,+5min,+10min

So if you click forward once, it will increase by 5 seconds. Twice and it’ll increase by 10 and so on, moving up as you go. It does add a small (eg. 500ms) lag to the press but works very well. In Kodi you can also remove some of the steps if you want… so if you remove the +5sec and +10sec then on the first press forward, it’ll jump +30sec each time.

But personally if it was -10 on back and +30 on forward, I’d be pretty happy with that. This wouldn’t help with your -2sec issue though @jumbomumbo3232