Adjust skip forward/backward times?

Is there a way in Infuse to adjust the number of seconds that Infuse will skip forward/backward using the skip buttons? Right now, it’s strictly 10 second increments, which is much too little for my preferences, at least when going forward. MrMC allows for this to be tuned to one’s liking. I don’t use Apple’s remote, but rather a Logitech Harmony.

If there is no existing method, then please consider this to be a feature request.


One option you have here is to enable the ‘Chapter Controls’ option in Infuse > Settings.

With this on, Infuse will skip between chapters instead of jumping 10s forward/back.

Yes, I know about and use the chapter controls (mapped to my channel up/down buttons) and they work fantastically. But sometimes I just want to jump ahead through, for example… “uninteresting” parts of a movie/TV show and a full chapter is overkill, but 10 seconds isn’t enough. 30 seconds is the sweet spot for me and others.

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Got it.

This isn’t available right now, but it’s a reasonable request so I’m moving this over to the suggestions area.

Alongside this suggestion, I would suggest adding an option that allows you to double-tap the left or right side of the screen to advance or rewind the video (10s).
I know you have this option on the buttons, or using the gestures.
But I think with the two-touch option, it’s much simpler for the user.

Still desperately need this feature implemented. The strict 10-second skip forward/backward option is downright anemic. The general lagginess of the skip feature, not to mention the half-second lag on audio resuming (which itself is another issue that needs resolving) makes it that much worse).

I would die for something shorter than 10s. Like 5s or so. I do a lot of rewinding and 10s is too much time.

Option to customize the amount of time skips i.e. 5, 10, 15 seconds instead of the fixed 30 seconds for both the keyboards arrows and on screen arrows in macos, ios, and iPados

I moved your post to a currently running thread for this feature.

I hope it gets addressed soon as it is basically a standard feature for nearly every video player out there.