Adjust skip forward/backward seek times

I came here because this is my #1 feature request for Infuse, by far. I’m a paid user and it’s kind of demoralizing to see that this has been sitting here for over 4 years and still no progress. :frowning:

Like many, I want to skip back to hear a line I missed, and it seems like the overwhelming consensus here is that 5 seconds is the right amount to skip back – not 10, 15, or even 30 as others report is currently is on various platforms. (It’s 15 on my Mac.)

I think I read in some other thread a long time ago about how Infuse simply implements the native player which includes skipping with arrows, which implies it wasn’t easily adjustable. But at least now in the Mac version, the hotkeys are all customizable, including the arrow keys, and the actions are explicitly labeled “Forward 15s” and “Back 15s”. So this suggests the customization ability already exists, and would presumably be relatively simple to implement.

So in case this was a difficult feature request before but has now become easy – I’d like to bump this! Infuse, if you’re paying attention – I jump back probably 10-20 times an episode to hear a line I missed. I literally waste a minute or two every episode I watch going back too far and re-watching an extra 10s of content every single time. Please fix this! It’s my absolute #1 feature request by far.

And if you’re worried about changing existing behavior, then just add two additional actions “Forward 5s” and “Back 5s” that we can assign the arrow keys to ourselves. PLEASE!

Here’s hoping :slight_smile:

(PS, as far as I can tell, this is the #16 most viewed open suggestion… and seems like it’s by far the easiest to implement of all the 15 more popular… so seems like this could really be a lot of bang for your buck!)


Kinda disappointing to see this hasn’t been implemented since this was asked back in 2018. This seems like a rather important setting to be able to customise. Any status updates on this feature?

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Please give us an ETA on the roadmap at least.

This thread is tagged as “wishlist” which according to the pinned thread at the top of the Suggestions forum says

A good idea for a future update (no ETA available)

Thanks NC_Bullseye.

Is there anything we can do to bump this or get it revisited/re-evaluated?

Because at some companies, “wishlist” is a euphemism for where features go to die… it just does feel particularly odd because it seems like this is such a simple thing to implement, and such a popular request.

Thanks again! :slight_smile:

I jump back a lot on MacOS and it is really annoying that if I just want to go back 5 second, I need to rewach another +10 seconds every time. It would be great if I can edit that if I press the arrow key, how much seconds it jumps.


5s would be much better

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There are a surprisingly large amount of enhancements desired by us “power users” that seem to us to be a simple thing to implement.

Just keep in mind this is an Apple-universe App and Firecore hones to Apple’s design ethos of “keep it simple”. Every simple suggestion implemented is at least one further option added to the settings page.

My impression is Firecore is loathe to add to both settings page bloat, and to possible future instability caused by an increasing diverse user environment (as new and old features might present bugs in certain optional user modes that aren’t present in others) — something which happens a lot in ultra-customizable Windows environments.

I further suspect the Firecore team is a rather small one and the majority of efforts are focused on making sure all possible content plays without issue.

I’ve personally advocated for an “expert” toggle in the settings page under which all our “fringe” UI options and enhancements can be hidden to avoid the resultant menu bloat if all our requests get implemented … but I’ve yet to hear an opinion from Firecore on such a solution.

Perhaps it is indeed just the difficulty of anticipating and keeping track of all the downstream effects varying the user interface and user experience can have on future coding?

Thanks, but there are already tons of settings so it doesn’t seem like they’re trying to minimize that at all. Heck, there’s an entire tab dedicated just to remapping hotkeys.

If this were an obscure, niche feature request then I could understand it not being worth it. But as I said before, this appears to be the #16 most viewed open suggestion… so it absolutely seems like it’s worth adding a setting for.

Maybe on MacOS, but definitely not on iOS or tvOS. :man_shrugging:t2:

If so, then maybe we’ve got a chance they’ll get to it after they tackle the leading 15 others. :+1:t3:

Hey, I’d to see this option (and many others) added, and a few (of what I see as) design bugs squashed. We can always hope! :crossed_fingers:t3:

Just sharing my insight into Firecore’s development philosophy, as I’ve seen it. Ymmv.

~2-month bump for this feature… which was first requested 4.5 YEARS AGO!!! lol (and yes, I 'liked" this post to add my vote!)

I’m on macOS with a new HDR-compatible Mac mini and 4K TV so trying to find which HDR compatible player I’m going to purchase…

NOT being able to customize/choose the forward/backward time is nearly a dealbreaker… 15 seconds is WAY too much when I only need to backup a couple seconds to hear the single word in the dialog I just missed…

Right now go and slowly count to 15 seconds… kinda a decent period of time to be wasting when the dialog I just missed happened 2 seconds ago… and this is something I do DOZENS and (sometimes DOZENS more) times during the course of a movie (dialog audio is SO bad in new movies… I watch movies from the 80’s and 90’s to death and never have an issue with those!!!)

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Hate to tell you, friend, it sounds like you’re losing your hearing.

You hear the 80’s and 90s movies fine because you know the words already. Same as you probably do just fine with live sports and news on TV — we’re familiar with the voices, which are almost always in our range (we tend to lose the highs first), and we’re familiar with the names and terminology and context. New movies and TV throw unfamiliar names and situations at us, so there’s a lot more “what was that?” and a lot less assuming we heard what we expected to hear.

I’m only 49 and mine is already shot, so I know the feeling. I’ve been embracing subtitles whenever possible for at least the past five years … but need them all the more so now as my tinnitus has ramped up to standing behind jet turbine / standing under Niagra Falls levels of late, 24 hours a day, waking or sleeping.

(Note to all the kids out there: don’t skimp on hearing protection when doing dumb things)

An audiologist can’t help you with resetting Infuse’s skip back timing, but they can perhaps confirm (or disprove) my hypothesis. Best of luck to you. Blue skies… :slight_smile:

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Wow… insulting much?

Implying that someone needs to get their ears checked because audio in film/tv these days is unbalanced for dialogue is awful.

I suggest you read up on the subject. Here’s a video on the phenomenon for reference.

Let’s hope they have subtitles.

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Losing one’s hearing is just something that happens as we get older (to different people at different rates). What’s insulting about it?

Mostly it creeps up on you gradually … so you might not even consider it unless you have a real reason to suspect you’ve done damage (like a crazy amount of tinnitus). :man_shrugging:t3:

A phenomena described as “I have so much trouble hearing dialog in movies these days and it never used to be this way!” :thinking: How many people replying to that thread are in their teens and twenties, I wonder? How many their 50s and 60s and 70s and 80s? Maybe all that money older folks spend on big dollar high-fi systems totally isn’t wasted, and you’ve all got the perfect hearing of a five year old. Well, good on ya. My apologies for suggesting I’m not the only person who’s ever aged.

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man this really needs to be considered more heavily. really inconvenient to only have 15 second seek times

Why is it that we get a 10 second skip (forwards or backwards), on the Apple TV app, but 15 seconds (way too long for me) in the macOS app?

I really think we should be able to set this value as a custom option in the settings on all apps


Yup. Still hoping for some acknowledgment from devs on this one. Sadly it’s being ignored.

Ticket completing 5 years of existence and not even a word from the guys

Well … technically Firecore commented twice — first to suggest interested users instead consider using chapter controls, and then to admit “yeah, that’s a good idea, we’ll move it over to suggestions”.

At some point since then Firecore tagged the thread with “wishlist” … which more or less indicates Firecore has zero intention to ever revisit the request. The 45 likes on the OP over 5 years seemingly fails to indicate enough user demand for the addition of this power-user option to change anyone’s mind on the issue.