Adjust skip forward/backward seek times?

As a new Infuse Pro user, I was surprised to see 10 secs only on both forward and back skips.

Hopefully we can get some more visibility on this, and some customization in the future :slight_smile:

Note: mainly tvOS user

Ugh, same here. I use the backward button very liberally to repeat portions of dialogues with VLC since i have it configured to 2 seconds so i repeat what was just said, but here i have to weight if its worth it to watch like extra 10 secs or not and often I just keep playing.

Wish the duration was customizable. Should be easy enough to add in, its literally just an extra text box to read in an integer and replace the default in the existing function(s).

They could prolly do it in like 5 mins

I like the way Kodi does it where it increases in steps…
-10min,-5min, -3min,-1min,-30sec,-10sec,-5sec,0,+5sec,+10sec,+30sec,+1min,+3min,+5min,+10min

So if you click forward once, it will increase by 5 seconds. Twice and it’ll increase by 10 and so on, moving up as you go. It does add a small (eg. 500ms) lag to the press but works very well. In Kodi you can also remove some of the steps if you want… so if you remove the +5sec and +10sec then on the first press forward, it’ll jump +30sec each time.

But personally if it was -10 on back and +30 on forward, I’d be pretty happy with that. This wouldn’t help with your -2sec issue though @jumbomumbo3232


Was just about to post asking this.

I prefer 5 sec skip time, not 10, for both functions.

Would like to see this option added, or better yet, make them user settable.

A user should be able to set the skip forward and backward settings to their own values.
The up down arrows could be also used to set longer skip forward and backward settings.
Surely this isn’t too hard to program?

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please, give us the possibility to change the amount of seconds for the left and right arrows. 15 seconds is too much when you’ve just checked your phone or anything quicker.

I moved your post to a currently running suggestion for that feature.

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Current seed time 15s too long, would like to see the ability to adjust the seed time.

Mac Infuse

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I moved your post to a currently running thread requesting this feature.

Don’t forget that you need to click the like button on the first post in this thread to show your support for this suggestion! :wink:

Currently on Mac, the left/right arrow keys will jump forward/backward for 15 seconds. Can we add options to customize the duration? And if possible, maybe more shortcuts are welcome, e.g. small jumps, medium jumps, big jumps, etc.

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I moved your post to a currently running thread in the suggestion forum requesting this feature.

Don’t forget that you need to click the like button on the first post in this thread to show your support for this suggestion! :wink:

where is the latest firmware and software versions change log page?

why is this not a main link on the general or announcements page.

will save 100000 questions to support department if clearly published

Skip forward/backward 15 second is really inconvenient for me.

Sometimes I just missed hearing a few words so need to skip back 5 seconds to replay.

The ones I use, like, INNA, Youtube and Netflix Web players all use 5 second to skip backward/forward.

I don’t know why infuse chose to be different.

Push the left/right arrow 3 times if someone needs 15 seconds. However default 15 seconds won’t work for 5 seconds.

Hopefully you can hear my request.

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Oh, I am on MacOS.

I came here because this is my #1 feature request for Infuse, by far. I’m a paid user and it’s kind of demoralizing to see that this has been sitting here for over 4 years and still no progress. :frowning:

Like many, I want to skip back to hear a line I missed, and it seems like the overwhelming consensus here is that 5 seconds is the right amount to skip back – not 10, 15, or even 30 as others report is currently is on various platforms. (It’s 15 on my Mac.)

I think I read in some other thread a long time ago about how Infuse simply implements the native player which includes skipping with arrows, which implies it wasn’t easily adjustable. But at least now in the Mac version, the hotkeys are all customizable, including the arrow keys, and the actions are explicitly labeled “Forward 15s” and “Back 15s”. So this suggests the customization ability already exists, and would presumably be relatively simple to implement.

So in case this was a difficult feature request before but has now become easy – I’d like to bump this! Infuse, if you’re paying attention – I jump back probably 10-20 times an episode to hear a line I missed. I literally waste a minute or two every episode I watch going back too far and re-watching an extra 10s of content every single time. Please fix this! It’s my absolute #1 feature request by far.

And if you’re worried about changing existing behavior, then just add two additional actions “Forward 5s” and “Back 5s” that we can assign the arrow keys to ourselves. PLEASE!

Here’s hoping :slight_smile:

(PS, as far as I can tell, this is the #16 most viewed open suggestion… and seems like it’s by far the easiest to implement of all the 15 more popular… so seems like this could really be a lot of bang for your buck!)


Kinda disappointing to see this hasn’t been implemented since this was asked back in 2018. This seems like a rather important setting to be able to customise. Any status updates on this feature?

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Please give us an ETA on the roadmap at least.

This thread is tagged as “wishlist” which according to the pinned thread at the top of the Suggestions forum says

A good idea for a future update (no ETA available)