Adjust skip forward/backward seek times on Apple TV

This is really disappointing and probably the most annoying issue I have with Infuse on ATV. 10 seconds back is too much when you just want to quickly review some dialogue that was missed and 10 seconds forward is far too little when trying to seek to a specific spot quickly.

Please consider adding this to ATV as well.


Yes it does fall in line with other tvOS players, but I know many people who would have preferred that to be customizable.

Something to think about. :popcorn:


Agree. I don’t understand why tvOS would be excluded. I personally do 90% of my watching there, so definitely important to support it. I am guessing that a significant number of people requesting this were also expecting it to come to the Apple TV.


I know I was.


Right. Doesn’t this mostly affect TVOS users? Can’t iOS and mac just simply use the slider bar in most cases?

Edit: Hitting back quickly does still make sense on other platforms to quickly review dialogue.


I don’t think I’ve seen any tvOS apps that use the native player offer custom seek options. I’d rather they stick to the native player, personally.

Count me in as someone who wanted this on iOS/macOS but is fine with the current tvOS setup.

Infuse isn’t using the “native” player.


weird. my apologies. it certainly looks like the native UI, which I guess is a compliment :joy:

It is nice but apparently not available on tvOS due to how Apple has the aTV set up.

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Yeah, I’m kind of disappointed that we can’t adjust the seek times on tvOS too.


Same here, 10s backwards is far too much when you missed a dialogue, wish it was adjustable.

Yea, hopefully this will come to apple tv too.

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It’s indeed really disappointing that the custom seek feature wasn’t brought to the Apple TV. I’m sure there are many people who predominantly use Infuse on the Apple TV.

As a workaround, I’m generating three-second chapters. I really wish I could stop doing that.

Thanks @james

looks like changed the title of this to tvOS and listed this it as in progress so he is considering our want to have this on tvOS :tada:

Gotta hand it to you; that’s certainly a novel workaround. Hardcore. :+1:t3:


The ability to set custom skip times on Apple TV has been added in today’s 7.7 update. :slight_smile:


Thanks James :+1:

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