Adesso Keyboard/Trackpad not working in Finder

I have updated to aTV 3.0 and ATVFlash 4.0 this morning. I think all is working well so far except I am having issues with my Adesso USB RF wireless keyboard/trackpad. In the previous versions of ATVFlash, I could use the keyboard in the Finder such as searching for YouTube vids, entering my wireless password, typing in my Pizza On Demand info, etc. I also had no problem with it working in Boxee, Firefox, and other apps.

In this version I cannot get the keyboard to work specifically in ATV menus (Finder). For example it will not send any keystrokes to YouTube’s search box and I cannot get it to send keystrokes for changing my wireless password. It works with Firefox and Boxee just fine.

Anyone else seeing this? Is there something I have not done yet?

BTW - great job ATVFlash dev team. Keep up the great work. ATVFlash was well worth the money.

This feature should return along with Couch Surfer within the next 1-2 weeks.

Well, I installed 4.0.3 with the new browser and keyboard input support for finder apps is still NOT working. It’s very frustrating trying to enter search info for movies, tv shows, YouTube, etc. with the click-click-click-click-… Apple remote! Is there any indication that this feature will return anytime?

Yes, it should return soon.

I am also having the same problem with the Adesso WKB-4000MAC.

The TrackPAD/Mouse works on the AppleTV (3.x),
but none of the Keyboard keys work. There is a failure message
in the ATV Console Log saying that the KeyboardSetupAssistant
failed. When I plug this wireless keyboard into any normal
Mac the “KeyboardSetupAssistant” wizard pops up and forces
you to complete the wizard before letting the keyboard
work. On the ATV there is no way to access this wizard.

Any ideas?

No solutions, unfortunately, similar problem, tho.

Adesso WKB-4000US keyboard. ATVF 4.0.3

The right side of trackpad moves the Mouse up/down. Nothing moves it left/right. The left trackpad button is a click/forward and the right button moves back up the menu. That’s all that works on ATVFlash. No keys for entering URLs in Couch Surfer or any other window.

The keyboard works 100% on a MacBookPro, so it’s not the keyboard.

Is there something in ATFlash or Nito menus that we need to select or install? When I plug in the USB dongle, the above functions work, but a lot is not working.