Additional subtitle sources

Subscene has talked about creating an API for apps like Infuse to utilize, but unfortunately it has not yet come to be. :frowning:

Any change in subscene situation ? Thanks.

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hope fo subscene as a choice for subs

Hi thank you for new version
I ask many times before please add to subtitles sources,
Many persian (and many other languages)upload to first and only
So I cannot download it online ,
I had this problem since early releases of infuse
So please fix problem not a best choice for many languages

It’s can’t be hard to add too especially now in new version

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okey hope we will have it soon


First of all thanks for the amazing app, My start was with version Pro 4, it showed the powerful features and how easy to mange my library through all my iOS devices. And i can see the huge upgrades through Pro 5 and now with Pro 6.

It will be great to add support special since it have a lot of Arabic subtitles and there are Arabic community there are working very hard to translate almost every movie and TV show.

Arabic subtitles are very rare or old in But with and it’s support to Arabic community it will be a huge feature.

Please consider the possibility to add it with the next upgrade.



I really wish they add the I am really struggling to find subtitle for TV shows or anime in this opensubtitles So I go to the from my PC and them manually it Would be very easy if you add it in the app

Really hope to see it added in the future updates or even if it’s in the plan.


Any updates from developers ?!

Here’s an existing thread you could add support. Might get better traction on it since it is older, don’t know. Infuse has been adding a lot of things recently that have been request for years too. I’m sure it is something that they have thought about but at the time there was no API:

Any updates about the API ?
It’s been almost 3 years and i can see some API’s available in GitHub.

Really hope to see it in the next update plans

Thanks, just add the support in that thread.

Is there any updates on this? Subscene has ALOT more subtitles for my language.

Any Updates? The majority uses subscene as their go-to subtitles provider we really hope you can add them to infuse

No update at all I requested so many times nothing happen is the best and most updated site for series in any language please add support

Any new good News about Subscene?

No any news about this ?
Subscene :pleading_face:

Hello there
I want make a suggestion

Could you please add path to clouds service in subtitles search… to i can add customs subtitles from any website like subscene

Because now only way we have from open subtitles only

This work in iOS just open subtitles in infuse & save in app to use it , this suggestion for ATV



Any progress on this ?