Additional subtitle sources

The default source of subtitles is a little poor, especially for recent movies and tv series. There have been many times I was not able to find subtitles for mainstream stuff.
How about you add addic7ed(dot)com which is probably the best site for TV series subtitles, and subscene(dot)com, great for both movies and tv?
Thanks, and keep up the great work


The limitation here is that OpenSubtitles has a robust API we can connect to, while the other two sites you mentioned do not.

However, we have been in talks with Subscene, and it seems they are in the process of creating an API, and once this is done we will be able to offer their subtitles right from within Infuse.


Thanks, good to know.

Any news about this? Btw… Nice job, I´ve Pro version XD

Really a pity addc7ed does not have a proper back-end interface.
They are by far the best and fastest pace to pick up subtitles especially in english. is another good site with fairly quick updates and at least from a user perspective a good interface… any back-door-api to use here?

Is there any news on adding addic7ed?
I am running a very simple application on my ipad called subtitlefinder who is able to connect with multiple sources, incl addic7ed, so i suppose there are ways to do so. It would really be plus if this would be incorporatednin infuse.

So i’m using Infuse for the new Apple TV, iPhone and iPad for a while now and I love it!
The feature to find subtitles for tv shows and movies is one of the greatest features for me.
Although it’s a great feature, only subtitles from are available.
From my experience the English subtitles are almost always available, but for my language (dutch) this site isn’t always sufficient enough (subtitles are sometimes uploaded late or not at all).
Is there maybe any chance to add new subtitle sources like

Subscene has toyed with the idea of creating an API that apps like Infuse could access, but unfortunately it has not yet come to pass.

Could you please add more subtitles source?

I’m one of Chinese users.

Infuse Pro 5 is my favorite app on Apple TV 4K, but its subtitle support doesn’t work frequently.

I think this is because doesn’t have these Chinese subtitle.

The best subtitle source for Chinese is ‘shooter’ or ‘zimuku’ or ‘163sub’. I hope Infuse Pro can support one of them and I think many Chinese users also hope so.

By the way,Infuse Pro 5 can’t load local subtitles during playing Blu-ray ISO or Folder either. If it can be support, I also can use it instead.

Best wishes.

A loyal user.

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Hi,I am a Chinese Infuse user so subtitle is pretty much neccessary for my playing experience. However Chinese subtitles makers don’t usually upload their works on Opensubtitles, they use and Shooter (this one has open API) instead. Some players (Kodi, IINA etc.) support this. It would be super helpful if Infuse can intergrate with this API.

Futher info is here: API文档 - 射手网(伪) - 与别人分享,别人与你分享

Hello guys,

I’ve just purchased my ATV4 and I am currently testing both Plex and Infuse to organize my media collection. Even though I have a NAS, I’d rather use Infuse for its “serverless” approach than Plex.

Right now, the only and main reason I’d choose Plex over Infuse lies on the subtitle support from other sites!

So I’d like to ask you guys how far is Infuse from getting other subtitles sources like Addic7ed (great for fast English subs) and even Legendas.TV (great site for PT-BR subs). I don’t have much coding experience, but I am eager to beta test or even try and code an “agent” like the ones I’ve found on Plex forums that deals with PT-BR sites.

Needless to say that I’m from Brazil and I’d like to see Infuse getting better and better over time!

Keep up the great work!!

Currently Infuse only fetches subtitles from

You can suggest other subtitle sites to function with Infuse in

And maybe add an option to retime subtitles?

Opensubtiles are a great source of subtitles and it will be great to have another on … for few languages the root of all subtitles is
Could you not add them directly ?



Unfortunately, unlike Opensubtitles, doesn’t provide an API for subtitle downloads. All Addic7ed downloaders I know of are unofficial web scrapers. Since this is a legal grey area I doubt this will be included in Infuse, not even considering the complicated implementation of a web scraper.

I can see that there is pluggin for Plex who can grab subtitles from addic7ed … I guess now that could work also for Infuse?


Is there any chance to have subscene subtitle instead of one source?