Additional or custom Aspect Ratios

I’m really missing the Aspect Ratio range between 2.00 and 2.35. There are so many options after that, but none in between. Im watching most of the time widescreen movies or series on a projector and I want a bit bigger picture but without cutting the black bars completely. Whilst 2.00:1 is very good (12.5% increase) sometimes I wish I’d go for say 15-16% increase. Currently no way, only 2.35 next which is already too much at 32%…
Ideally of course there should be a “custom ratio” option where you can play according to your taste with particular file. I’ve been using for ages Popcorn Hour devices and there it was magnificently straightforward - just set the % rate of increase or decrease (in ±1% steps) and voila. (Mentioning this because already saw people requesting a decrease for particular situations). I’m not suggesting necessarily to apply similar solution, I would be very happy with the possibility to set it myself as “custom” Aspect Ratio. Or at the very least to have one more option between 2.00 and 2.35.

Apologies if that’s been already discussed, tried searching carefully in the forum before posting.

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