Addition of the ability to use "Open in" on files stored in-app

This suggestion is somewhat of a weird one, and therefor not really a high priority because it is an extreme corner case. However, while I was using Infuse today I realized that while you could use the new “Open in” function of iOS to transfer videos external to the app into the video player, there is no way to do the reverse. I do not see a lot of demand for this feature, hence my perception of this as a low, if at all, priority. However, especially when dealing with video files that are either stored in a cloud, have to be manually uploaded, or are otherwise hard to access, it might be useful to be able to transfer media files out of Infuse, instead of having to acquire them a second time.

e.g. A user has a fairly large family movie that they transferred from a Mac into Infuse, but later they decided that they wanted to edit it some in iMovie. If this functionality is implemented on videos within the app, said user would not have to transfer the video onto their iOS device a second time. That’s a thought I had anyway.

Thank you for your great work on Infuse. It’s been nice to find a developer who has spent the time to take Apple’s APIs for hardware accelerated video decoding, which from my understanding are rather limited, and create a software core that implements the process so well and so broadly.