Adding Time Capsule as media source for XBMC



i tried to add Time Capsule as a media source for movies and music but its simply not working:

i read the XBMC online manual and is not really helping.

My setup: Mac Computer, ATV2, Time Capsule, Jailbreak Green Pois0n.

i tried the following different setups using SMB:

went on XBMC, System->Network->SMB Client to ensure that its labeled "workgroup" to match the workgroup set on the Time Capsule.

Main Menu, category (i.e. video). In Videos i went to Add Source. On the window that opens up, i  clicked on "Browse". and scrolled to the bottom to "Add network location..."

Protocol is set for Windows Network (SMB) and i fixed the server name as IP Address of the Time Capsule, Shared folder properly set as well, Port is disabled for SMB shares (not needed) and i tried different passwords (once i tried the wifi password, another time i tried the time capsule password and finally all passwords i know, still its not working....... 

i also tried to leave the sharing for guests as read only, read and write and i tried to disable it all together as well.

any idea how i can go about it.

I have done this, it was a bit of a fluke. But I would be happy to re-trace my steps. If you still nedd help ? Let me know.

That would help ME for sure!!  ;) Thanks!! Alex

Thanks, finally got it working. i was leaving the username field blank. It should always by the time capsule name. 

Are you adding the Time Capsule to XBMC on your Apple TV or on your MAC? I'm trying to figure out if it's possible for XBMC on Apple TV to view the videos on Time Capsule without using the XBMC client on the Mac

Yes you can access both a connected drive or the one inside your Time Capsule. There's just a weird syntax for the SMB share. This is a good explanation and how I currently access my content.

This is actually pretty damn wonderful.  Because you can put your time capsule as a separate device in your home network.  I am pretty sure you can carry the time capsule with you, and access it via your IPAD also.

Think of traveling and plugging in your TIME CAPSULE at a hotel, or a friends house.  Then fire up APPLE TV or IPAD or IPHONE and watch all your local movies; or streaming HULU or NETFLIX. 

Video heaven. 

can anyone recommend a ROUTER that is equivalent to a TIME CAPSULE just minus the drive?  I have a large USB drive, that would just need a ROUTER to plug into, that can serve the USB drive as a NAS drive.


After much searching and a canceled order, the TIME CAPSULE is still the best solution for a portable WIFI Hard Drive.  I ordered a Apple EXTREME router base station (the newest version, but got it used on Amazon).  The BASE STATION will work the same as a TIME CAPSULE, but I just add my external USB 500 GB Hard Drive. 

Note:  that there are rumors on the older 500GB TIME CAPSULE failing after 2 years of service.  The power supplies would fail.  Apple has a campaign to repair-replace the power supplies for free, in the 2008 serial numbers, of TIME CAPSULE.  But the campaign is set for three years, so time is almost out on those serial numbers.   


was able to get my Apple EXTREME router to function as a "stand alone" router with a usb drive connected.  Apple TV saw the drive as an SMB drive and connected via XBMC.  worked fine.

No internet connection, no other computer connection.


Hey can someone post a Video. Cant get my Apple tv2 to Find my TC or MacBook Pro. And when i follow the guide on the net my Apple TV2 rebots 

Hi, I have a time capluse. I connected it with my external drive thought USB. Also I put some movie inside the time capluse too. 

I was trying to add the source of movie from the external drive that is connected to the TMC by using SMB but it did not work. When I clicked on “WORKGROUP” -> “TIMECAPLUSE” it shows nothing there. 

While with Plex, I can add the source easily from my Mac.

Can anyone help me? 

With AirportUtility v6.1, I can no longer edit the workgroup of my TimeCapsules.  XBMC can’t find the share, even though I have set the workgroup in XBMC to “WORKGROUP”.  How do I find out/set the workgroup on my time capsule now?