Adding Time Capsule as media source for XBMC



i tried to add Time Capsule as a media source for movies and music but its simply not working:

i read the XBMC online manual and is not really helping.

My setup: Mac Computer, ATV2, Time Capsule, Jailbreak Green Pois0n.

i tried the following different setups using SMB:

went on XBMC, System->Network->SMB Client to ensure that its labeled "workgroup" to match the workgroup set on the Time Capsule.

Main Menu, category (i.e. video). In Videos i went to Add Source. On the window that opens up, i  clicked on "Browse". and scrolled to the bottom to "Add network location..."

Protocol is set for Windows Network (SMB) and i fixed the server name as IP Address of the Time Capsule, Shared folder properly set as well, Port is disabled for SMB shares (not needed) and i tried different passwords (once i tried the wifi password, another time i tried the time capsule password and finally all passwords i know, still its not working....... 

i also tried to leave the sharing for guests as read only, read and write and i tried to disable it all together as well.

any idea how i can go about it.