Adding new share

Let me say how much I love Infuse. But it just so insanely frustrating to add and edit Shares. Once you have pressed saved then you can’t go back and change fields like the username, address etc. Every time you’ll have to delete and add a new one… even if you just need to correct typo.

So my question is… Is this behaviour intentionally?

This is the same in iOS and tvOS.

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After creating a share, you can edit most of the connection details by tapping on the Edit button (tvOS) or the info button (iOS).

The only thing that cannot be changed (and will require removing and re-adding the share) is the address, as this is tied to all the metadata for your files.

Thank you James! However it could make sense to allow changes in all fields if there is no metadata tied e.g. when you create the share for the first time. Also it would be nice information to point out that changes aren’t possible due to meta data.

We’ll see what we can do. Thanks.