Adding new files to a folder makes a mess of the metadata

Hi Firecore,

I bought Infuse Pro v3.2.1 (iPad) because the metadata function should make it easy for my kids to choose movies. I’ve been struggling a lot to make the metadata correct for all their movies, and when I added three more movies to their movies folder on an external WIFI drive today all the metadata got messed up.

It seems like when you are adding more movies to a folder that already has metadata, all metadata in that folder swaps place between different movies. This is a bad bug, because if you have more than 200 movies like we have for our children, theres a few hours of good work to get the metadata in place again.

Please have a look at this as soon as possible, like it is today you can only use Infuse on static folders.


Do you have each movie in a separate subfolder? Most library focused media players work best that way. Not with all the movie files in a single folder

Infuse doesn’t handle metadata in subfolders that well, there are some threads in this forum with wishes of better subfolder handling, so I have all my kids movie files in one and the same folder.

Folders for local content is something we are working to add for an upcoming version.

When streaming from other devices (Mac, PC, NAS, etc…) folders are currently supported.

Hi James,

Do you have any information on why metadata swops places when adding new files?


It’s possible for items to be matched incorrectly, but Infuse shouldn’t be swapping metadata between files.

To make corrections to a specific video’s metadata you can follow the steps here.

If you want to force Infuse to refetch all metadata, you can clear out the cached info through the sidebar settings menu.

Thanks for the information James!

I know how to manually correct the metadata, thats exactly what I need to do every time a new file is added to the movie folder, in other words more than 200 corrections every time. This is of course extremely time consuming and not what you expect of an app like this. Already saved metadata should be sticked to its specific file, and not be modified when new files are added/scanned.

An metadata backup feature would be really nice as well, as this is time consuming to deal with.


Dear James, I am having the same problem as PeeGee, I stream my videos from a Wifi Drive (Lacie Fuel), and every time I add a new video to my collection all the metadata with file names that comes after the new file I added (In alphabetical order) will be tag incorrectly, or like PeeGee described swaps place between different movies, and it happens to all the videos in every subfolders, not only the one I added the new file.The only solution I have is to clear the cache and refetch all metadata as you mention above, but refetching metadata for hundreds of videos takes a long time and doing so every time I added something new just doesn’t make sense.

Please tell me there is a solution to this problem apart from refetching the metadata every time I add something new, or if this is a bug that infuse is having with WIFI drives, at least let me know Infuse is looking into it and it will be fixed in the next update.

Many thanks, look forward to your reply.

Hi James,

Just want to check if this issue has been solved in the new 3.3 version?


@Ocean.K: Did you find a solution for this?

On a related note - the upcoming 3.4 version includes a number of improvements with regard to caching and loading of metadata which should clear up any issues like these.

Thanks James, looking forward to it!