Adding Netflix

Adding Netflix plugin would be the next logical addition to your great software. Perhaps you could adapt the plugin?
Hope you are working on it.

Yes! Being able to watch streaming NetFlix is #1 on my Feature Requests list, too!!!

I really hate to kill any hope of this on the current Apple TV, but I really don’t see it ever happening. The Apple TV has a 1GHz processor and 256MB of RAM and no real video card. Hulu streaming take a lot more juice than that. I can’t say for sure it will never happen, but I just have a feeling that until Apple updates the box, Hulu will not work “well” at all on the current box. :frowning: I’m such a downer, I know.

Sorry for the late follow-up to this thread, I just found aTV.

Since the user can install Mac apps (like Firefox) onto the Apple TV via aTV, couldn’t the user just download the Netflix streaming app for Mac to a Macbook/iMac, then copy it over with FTP? Or something along those lines?

…and also with the Crystal HD card, one can hope that Adobe Flash will support it in the future. that would fix the issue of an underpowered CPU and lack of GPU (videocard).

I am curious if the addition of the CrystalHD video card can get aptv over the existing hurdles for using Netflix.