Adding movie posters to files


Is there some way to add the movie poster to the movie file so it shows it like with itunes?

Thank you very much

if you are trying to do this with xbmc the you need to associate a ‘scraper’ with the folder and rescan the folder. the system will then get all relevant data from imdb or whichever one you choose from the options. you do have to add the folder to the system for xbmc to find all the data. i found keeping movies and tv shows in separate folders means you can associate different scrapers to each folder which helps with the system finding the correct data.

i did this with an smb share and it works a treat and updates everytime xbmc starts.

GusGorman, thank you very much

I didn´t know about the scrapers, but found some stuff in the forum

I will give it a try later this evening