Adding iTunes Library to Infuse on Apple TV

I imagine this question might have been answered a number of times, but I cannot seem to find the answer. Is there a way to add an iTunes Library to Infuse without having to go through Plex? I keep my data on external hard drives and don’t have a secondary copy in the iTunes Media folder. As for metadata, while the metadata is correct in iTunes, because it was encoded correctly using iFlicks, I’ve found myself having to edit metadata again in Plex. Is this possible? Is there a way I can just connect iTunes to Infuse? Also, again, I apologize if I’ve asked a long-answered question. I am new to this.


I have the same request :slight_smile: Do you think it’s possible ?

I have paid movies/tv shows from itunes (and i can understand that it will be not possible) but i have personal movies/tv shows that i want to stream through Infuse

Thanks for your help !

Infuse can not play DRM protected videos from iTune.

iTunes locks with DRM on personal videos we put on it ? i though it was DRM free …

Do you have those files located locally?

yes in the itunes folder

Have you tried adding that as a favorite in Infuse?