Adding Image to Folder

I’m using an NAS that’s streaming to an Apple TV…I believe via DLNA (it’s a WD My Cloud). The filing format is one folder for the name of the show, and then all files from all seasons in that folder. For instance:

The Big Bang Theory—> The Big Bang Theory S01E01 [Name of Episode], The Big Bang Theory S01E02 [Name of Episode], The Big Bang Theory S02E01 [Name of Episode].

When I do it this way, there is no image for the Big Bang Theory folder in Infuse…however once I enter that folder, there are separate folders for each season, and those season folders contain the proper images for the season. When I do it any other way (such as including another sub folder for each season and placing only those episodes in) I don’t get any images on the season folders.

How do I add an image to the root folder for the show? I’ve tried downloading an image and calling it “folder.jpg” and “folder.png” inside the root folder (alongside all the episodes). I’ve also tried calling it “The Big Bang Theory.jpg” in the “Shared Video” folder, which sits alongside the folder for the show and is in the root folder of the show itself. Nothing.

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Unfortunately adding file and folder artwork won’t be possible when streaming via UPnP or DLNA.

Do you know if your device supports SMB or NFS? Using either of these would allow artwork to be added.

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