Adding Google drive to the library 101?

I am really just looking for some good instructions on how to do it?
iCloud sync enabled on iPad and Apple TV. I can see the files on iPad… And play them off Google drive but my library on Apple TV Infuse is still empty. And it’s been awhile… How do I add something nonexistent to the library? Where and when is it going to show up? A few step by step PICTURES would be great too. Somebody please direct me to a good How-To? Thank you kindly.

After you add a connection to Google Drive on iOS, this connection will sync over to the Apple TV and be listed in Infuse > Settings > Shares.

Once you see that, you would simply browse that share to add one or more folders as Favorites. Folders selected as Favorites will be added to the Library automatically for indexing.

A few guides (with pictures) which may help can be found here.

This does not work. I’ve added Google Drive to my iPhone (12 hours ago) and still nothing but SMB/SFTP and “Foo’s MacBook Air” is showing up in the list of available shares on tvOS.

What am I supposed to do to force or verify that iCloud sync is actually working?