Adding folder artwork to TV series no longer works

Up until recently, I had the name of the series (for example Game of Thrones) in the root and also the name of artwork in the root.

Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones.jpg

This always seemed to work. Now Infuse is ignoring this information and using the standard artwork. I haven’t changed anything so I don’t know why it has stopped working.

Has FireCore changed the way to add the artwork to a TV series? My movie artwork and folders still work perfectly. So this is just TV series. Please help.

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For TV series, there is a specific structure you will want to follow. This will allow you to set your own custom artwork for series, season, episode, and fanart while browsing your series in the Library.

This new structure was added back in May 2017, and more info on the options can be found here.

Hi James.
As I said, I followed the support instructions and up until this week (I’ve been using Infuse for a year) it has stopped working. So I want to know if something has changed. I.e. A different file structure required.

There were no specific changes, but Infuse does have some loose artwork override options (EG any artwork in a single video folder will be used for folder artwork), but this generally does not apply when you are looking at folders with multiple TV seasons.

If possible, I would recommend using the supported naming structures as this will allow you to assign specific artwork for series and seasons.

I deleted all the metadata and it fixed all the folder covers (which suggests to me the file structure is correct). Unfortunately, when I went into the folder itself which holds the season folders and then came out of the folder the custom folder covers were again overwritten by the default folder covers. Is it possible the app is being updated and is in flux?

On Google Drive my file structure is

My Drive > Infuse > TV Shows

Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones.jpg

And this worked for the main folder picture before and works when I delete the metadata but reverts back to the default TVDB cover if I go into the folder to look at the season folders.

Have you tried the naming shown in the link James provided which would make the file name “poster.jpg” instead of “Game of Thrones.jpg” that format that is discussed in the link works for me.

I don’t understand. You mean rename the show like this?

Folder - ‘Game of Thrones’
Folder artwork - ‘Poster.jpg’

I have several folders of TV shows in the root how would I be able to have different posters for each?
Also, as I said, my previous naming convention worked before and works when I delete metadata but breaks when I watch a show in the folder itself.

This is the text from the support page


Folder artwork can be set by adding a folder.png or folder.jpg file to any folder (1000 x 1500 recommended size).

Surely that means you change the ‘folder’ to match the name of the show.



Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones.jpg


Here’s what’s working for me

Ah! Okay, I will try that right now :slight_smile:

Edit didn’t work :frowning:

File structure:

Season 1

Didn’t work. Just uses the TVDB default folder for the TV show

Did you do an “Edit Metadata” after you put the poster.jpg in the series folder? I believe that Infuse caches the artwork and won’t change it until it gets re scanned.

I did this and it didn’t work. I’m actually using Google Drive rather than a local hard drive.
I’m pretty sure Infuse has done something with the latest update (6.1) as this used to work perfectly for me and still works perfectly for movies. It’s only my TV shows that are now messed up.

I had a similar issue and Infuse seemed to ONLY allow folder override for artwork if I used the Library mode for TV Shows (incidentally I don’t actually use the Library for TV Shows as I like to split them out in my own categories). Once Library was enabled it would use the folder and season artwork I dropped into the folders, if I turn off Library for TV Shows it uses the artwork grabbed form tvdb.

It’s a long shot - but worth a try,

Thanks for the reply. How do I turn the Library on and off so I can test if artwork is being used of TVDB posters?

It’s more a case of turning it on rather than turning it off. But go to (from memory) Settings > Library and in there you will see folders with a tick. If they have a tick then select them to turn them off Library mode.

The weird thing is, under the folders that are using the TVDB artwork there is no title under folder. But the folders that are using my artwork there is no title under the folder. But I categorize and sort and the folders and artwork the exact same way so they should ALL be TVDB artwork or should ALL be my artwork.

I’ve just turned of Library and it’s made no difference.

To be honest I think Infuse has broken something. I’m sure things will return to normal if I leave it exactly the same. I haven’t changed a thing and it used to work perfectly up to about a week ago. (Version 6.1)

I think you said the same thing twice there, but I’m guessing that you are saying that TV Shows with your artwork show a title under the folder. That only happens to me when I’ve done something wrong. Like put a Special epide into a season episode (like tvshow.s00.e01.mkv into a Season 1 folder instead of making a Specials folder) or when I simply have something completely wrong in the naming.

Either way custom TV Show artwork only works for me when I have the entire TV Shows’ folder share activated in Library mode. I simply don’t use Library mode as a feature and have my TV Shows on a Favourites linked folder on the home page.

Curiosity is getting the best of me, you say it worked fine up till a week ago and you reference 6.1. Was it working on 6.0.x and quit working when you went to 6.1 which was released over a month ago or do you mean when Infuse went from 6.1.3 to 6.1.4 which did happen about a week ago?

One other question, if you don’t mind, what country are you in? I know Firecore made a work around for some of the banned websites in different countries and that made me wonder if that may be part of the issue.

I live in the UK.
I binned the app and got it again from the app store and now ALL of the files are now show TVDB. Posters. It’s late now but in the morning I will take a picture of my file structure and naming convention and you can hopefully tell me if I’m doing anything incorrectly.