Adding Extra Audio Tracks Seamlessly

Hey, Infuse Community!

As a dedicated user of the Infuse app, I’ve been thinking about a practical enhancement that could simplify our movie-watching experience.

How It Works:

Simply drop your extra audio track file into the same folder as your movie, and the Infuse app will recognize it, making it selectable for playback. No more fussing with third-party software.


  • Effortlessly enhance your movies with extra audio tracks, akin to adding subtitles.
  • Ideal for multilingual households or anyone seeking diverse language options.
  • Streamline your viewing experience without complicated processes.

I understand that implementing new features requires careful consideration, but I believe this enhancement would further improve the versatility and user-friendliness of our beloved Infuse app.

I tried using ChatGPT to avoid typos but this sounds too robot. Still…the purpose is to be able to add more languages without using Mkvtoolnix.

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