Adding a new Plex library to favorites

I am running Infuse on an ATV4K connected to a Plex server on my Mac. All apps updated to the latest release.

For a long time I have just had a Movies and TV Shows libraries on the Plex server, and the Infuse home screen has icons for Movies and TV Shows that work perfectly.

I have just added a new library on the Plex server named Kids, which contains kids shows and movies, cartoons, etc. all in MP4 format. The library type in Plex is listed as ‘Other Videos’ since Plex won’t recognize it as a TV Shows folder.

I can add this library to the home screen using the Plex app for TVos but I greatly prefer Infuse, but cannot seem to add this folder to the favorites list. I have read several threads here about finding the three dots menu and adding to favorites, but that doesn’t exist. The only was Infuse can play videos from this new folder is by navigating to the favorites icon for “Mac mini” (which is the Plex server) then selecting the actual folder containing the videos (called “Kids”). I can then play everything just fine, but there is no three dots menu anywhere that I can click to add to favorites. I have also verified that this library is selected under the Infuse settings menu->Network->Library, the “Kids” folder has a checkmark next to it.

I can also view the videos by selecting the Library icon from favorites and selecting “Other” but this is cumbersome, I just want a Kids icon under favorites.

What I would like to do is be able to add an icon on the infuse home screen for the Kids folder.

Thanks for any help.

The three dots you are seeing referred to are in the iOS version of Infuse. For the tvOS version, first under Settings>Shares do you have a “Saved Share” for your Mac mini?

If not you can follow the directions here Streaming From a Mac, PC, or NAS – Firecore to add it in tvOS and it also explains how to add a folder as a favorite from your share on the same page.

Yes, under “saved shares” do have my Mac mini listed, and it’s connected to Plex.

I also tried rebooting everything to no avail.

Did you try following the instructions on the link I provided to add a favorite from your mac mini?

You’d click on the mac mini under the saved shares and then click on “Add Favorite” then navigate to the folder you want as a favorite and press and hold the touch surface then select “Add Favorite”

You may have to add your mac mini as a SMB share to get the folder added also, I don’t use plex so I can’t say for sure but you can add a SMB share.

Thank you, adding a SMB share and adding the folder as a favorite did work. Happy kids!

Still, this seems like a bug in Infuse-connected to Plex it should pick up any changes and additions to the libraries.

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