Adding a Library to an existing Folder Share?

I added another USD HD to my NAS and would like to add this Share to an existing one, that all movies from the new USB are shown in the same Movie Folder that already exists, is this makeable ? It´s very easy to do it on Plex or Emby but they have Webserver Software to add them, how about Infuse can I do this here too ? I played with the settings a little bit. but could not figure out a way to do it, not with all of a sudden having 2 folders with Movies in my favorites.

If you make the “All Movies” selection in the Library a Favorite it will show all of your movies in one place regardless of their location as long as you have checked them for the Library.

thats not a very good solution for me, I already have a Movie Folder in my favorites and I have really separated a lot of Movies in different Folders like only Animation for my kids and some other stuff that is separate, it would not be good to have them all again in one folder mixed up, I need a solution to have a 2nd path directed to my already existing Movie Folder.

/volume1/Movies → “Movies”
/volumeUSB1/usbshare/Movies → “Movies”

These 2 paths I had no problem routing to my general “Movies” Folder in Plex and Emby, everything I put in there will show up in this folder only, I need something like this for Infuse as well, if possible

If you’re browsing via folder, then the separate disks would appear as separate folders (Favorites). This is intended for those who want to use their own folder structure for browsing.

As NC mentioned, you can use the library to group content from multiple locations in a single place.

You can also use a combination of the two. EG add a favorite for a library category and for a specific folder, and these will both appear on the same Favorites line on the Home Screen.