Adding 4TB to my Apple TV 4, Need Help/Advice

Hey guys, need some advice / help. I have a 4TB Seagate Drive loaded up with 100+ MP4 movies. I want to hook it up to my router without using a computer /server. I tied using VLC and it tells me the folder is empty. It seems to be a common problem with the VLC app.
Can I use infuse with just a external drive?
Are there add ons I need to get?
Any help /advice is appreciated.

Hi, I tried this with my Fritz Box, and it worked without any problem, basically. Although the fritzbox is a real fantastic router, the speed of a Fritz Box used as an nas is more than slow, and will not fulfill the needs of high Bitrate movies. I don’t know about other routers,

First, you need a router that supports an external drive. Most routers use a DLNA server connection so you’d have to connect via DLNA. That would keep you from using the Infuse Library function since it doesn’t work with a DLNA connection.

What type of router (and model number) do you have?