Added TV Series not fetching poster

I’ve added a new TV Series, COBRA (2020), firstly it was miss-matched, which was soon fixed, but now it has correct episode meta data, series 1 artwork, but in the main TV Series view and folder view, the artwork is blank. I’ve checked TVDB and all is in order. This is happening quite a lot now, a number of TV series have blank posters when TVDB clearly has them.

Any advice?

Have you tried doing an Edit Metadata and re-selecting the correct one for the ones missing? This will also refresh the artwork.

The TVDB is still having pains after the last major site / database update so it may take this to fix things for a while till they get things back to normal.

Yes, of course. It has a poster to indicate season 1, just not on the main screen or folder view.

It appears that thetvdb has a known issue on their trouble list where “Show images not returning from theTVDB” is being investigated so it looks like their looking into it.