Added support for purchased iTunes content (matching iTunes login required)

Sorry for not circling back. This issue was resolved in the minor update released last week.

If you haven’t already, you can update on the Apple TV through the Maintenance > Manage Extras menu.

This still isn’t working for me I’m afraid despite the update to my ATV2

Same here, nothing!?!

Hi there,


any good news on this topic? I still have the same problem but no solution :(:frowning:




The 2.0.1 update should resolve this (

Please try updating on the Apple TV (Maintenance > Manage Extras) and let us know if the issue persists.

Did not resolve problem for me. Still getting authentication error after upgrade.

Still not working for me either, despite the upgrade.

How long will this take to resolve?

All the users who initially reported this problem have said the new update resolves their issue, and we’ve not been able to replicate the issue here after updating.

Which Apple TV version are you running (check in Settings > General > About)? Sending in a bug report may be helpful in tracking down what’s going on.

I can only support the last entry since I had the same issue. After another jailbreak using the latest software version things are OK and I can play the movies purchased on iTunes directly from the TimeCapsule.

Curiously, it didn’t work immediately, and I am not sure what finally did the job: there were a few restarts of the ATV after I installed additional software, I also turned Home Sharing off and back on, on the ATV as well as on my MacBook…