Added support for localized metadata Added support for local cover art

Hi really the latest cesium but how do I use

Added support for localized metadata
Added support for local cover art


Localized metadata will be downloaded by default. I.E. If your AppleTV is set to German, German metadata (if available) will be downloaded instead of English.

The way local cover art works is if you have a movie and image file (in the same folder) with the same name, MP will use that image instead of downloading one.

E.G. Inception.mp4 and Inception.jpg


Does this work for ripped DVD’s? If so is the name the same as the folder holding the DVD files, or is it inside the folder (at the same level as the VIDEO_TS folder)?

I live in Germany und there is a problem with the letters “Ä”, “Ü” and “Ö”. When the title includes one of this letters the fetching of the Metadata fails.
When i replace this letters with “AE”, “UE” or “OE” the fetching fails, too. 

In this case i have to replace the title with the english original title. But if this is a german movie with a german title including one of these letters there is no chance to get it to work… (for example the movie “Kokowääh”). When i search for it at it is no problem to find the movie:

Hope this will be fixed…



Yes, this works for DVD files as well. Give the image the same name as the DVD folder (I.E. the one you select to start playback in MP).

E.G. the following two items are in the same folder.

Inception (DVD folder) and Inception.jpg

Thanks for pointing that out. I’ll see what we can do.

You’re welcome. Thank you for this nice software. Much more apple like than XBMC (easy, clean and useful)

In addition to what Lando2081 wrote, in French localization, there’s the same problem. The letters “à,é,è,ï,î,ê…” blocks the access to metadata and the movies can’t be played (all movies are VIDEO_TS folder extract from DVD), I have a Playback Error screen. The solution I found is to remove all specials French letters.

In Beta7 same problems with the letters…


In addition to what Lando2081 and tikei wrote, the problem is the same for swedish localization.

Ripped DVD-movies (VIDEO_TS) with foldernames containing the letters å,Å,ä,Ä,ö,Ö results in an errormessage when trying to play. After removing the “swedish” letters the movies play just fine.

The letters å,Å,ä,Ä,ö,Ö seem to work fine for .avi and .mkv filenames.

Keep up the great work

Would you mind sending in your logs?


So how does this work in the grid view? I have for instance Inception.jpg in the same folder as the Inception DVD folder. When I select Inception and MP goes to the detailed movie page, I see the Inception.jpg cover art. So this works as expected.

But: In the grid view itself, Inception shows up as a single “file” where it’s picture is the first frame of the movie, instead of Inception.jpg. So in my case as the movie starts with a copyright warning, the “cover art” is a copyright warning.


BR. Leo

For the DVD rips try to replace the special characters in the top-folder name with the hex value i.e. “ü” = %FC etc. It worked for me with the Danish characters.

Will it be possible to choose for each TV show, which language will be used? I watch some TV shows in German and some others in English and I would like the English metadata to be fetched on some TV shows, even though my AppleTV is set to German.

Whats about UTF-8 encoding? This will fix all Problems … and there is no witchcraft needed to change the code to utf-8


What about support of other languages? I live in Czech Republic so I speak Czech, however, the Apple TV 2 doesn’t support Czech Language, so does it mean that I will never get the Czech metadata?