Added iOS device, but don't see my library?

I added a new iOS device and it’s not recognizing my Infuse Library automatically. Previously, I’ve done this and I assume it used iCloud to connect to the library?

I’m guessing there’s something obvious I’m missing. I’m a longtime Infuse user who stores ripped discs on Google Drive and a Synology NAS streaming to Apple TVs I have in a number of different places at family member’s home arounds the world, along with my iPad and iPhone. It works great, and I’m glad to see continuous new features.

I recently added an iPad mini to use as a home theater remote, and figured it’d be nice to have Infuse on it. I am logged into iCloud and the App Store with the same Apple ID I use on everything, although I’ve turned off most of the iCloud syncing (Mail, Calendar, Contents, iCloud Drive, etc. all disabled). Infuse recognizes my Infuse Pro subscription, and I’m logged into the same trakt account as well. On the iPad mini, the toggle for Infuse on the iCloud settings panel is enabled.

In order to use iCloud Sync in Infuse, you will need to have iCloud Drive enabled.

More info on using iCloud Sync can be found here.

Re-enabled iCloud Drive. No difference to Infuse. Un-installed and re-installed Infuse. Then, the moment after re-logging into trakt all is good.

Thank you. Amazing app.

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