Add YADIF (2x) deinterlacing

Can you add YADIF (2x) deinterlacing to infuse?
I compared the interlaced video with infuse and MrMC.
As a result, the MrMC set to YADIF (2x) was smoother than infuse.
The yadif of infuse was the same as that of MrMC (half) and was not smooth.
I like the smoothness of YADIF (2x).





Is it possible to get a reaction from Infuse programmers ? What is the difficulty of implementing those deinterlacing options?

Hello, new user here.

I am interested in purchasing a pro or a lifetime subscription… but the lack of yadif2x deinterlacing is the only thing standing in my way.

Really any decent deinterlacing option that won’t throw away half the fields would be fine (NTSC should deinterlace to 59.94fps, PAL should deinterlace to 50fps).

I have a lot of old standard definition fully interlaced content that is essentially unwatchable to me without this type of deinterlacing.

Is there any news or update on this?

Thank you!

This would indeed be great! Does anyone know what “auto” setting for deinterlace really means, does it pick a specific method if it has interlaced content? Is it different for the 4k ATV vs the non 4k since presumably the non 4k is slower?

Is there any chance to get an answer from the developer?