Add url links in ATV4K

Hi, how do I add a url link in an application on your atv4k ? In your phone there is a possibility, why not in your atv4k ?

This is not currently available on Apple TV, but an option for this is something we look into adding in the future.

Please add this option in the next update, this is a very useful feature. Thank you

I second that request! Please add the ability on tvOS to start playing a movie by URL scheme.

We plan to look into adding this after the the upcoming 6.0 release.

You can follow this thread for more info.

could you please also add iCloud support for Links? so that Links added to Infuse on iOS can be pushed/synced to tvOS!


You may want to add your comments and supports in the thread that James referenced in the post above yours. That will get better traction than adding comments in a thread that is marked solved since it’s been duplicated in the Suggestions forum.

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