Add "TV Show Type" to "TV Shows" Library Sorts

Currently Infuse has 5 sorting options in the Library for TV Shows.

They are

  • All TV Shows
  • Recently Added
  • Unwatched
  • By Genre
  • By Resolution

TMDB has a section of their database Infuse pulls data from for “Genre” which lets us select a type of show.

TMDB also has another section of their database Infuse uses called “TV Show Type” that would add to the sorting/searching function of Infuse in the Library. It offers seven (currently) options for sorting.

  • Documentary
  • News
  • Miniseries
  • Reality
  • Scripted
  • Talk Show
  • Video

If infuse could add a “Show Type” to the Library it would allow us to choose things like “Miniseries” when we wanted to watch a series that doesn’t last years and usually completes a story in under 12 episodes. Many educational shows like Frozen Planet, Chernobyl, Blue Planet, to name only a few are carry a TMDB type of “Miniseries” as well as TV Movies that are shown in multiple episodes but are not the normal “Series”, just a Made for TV Movie shown over multiple days.

Infuse does have the sort for Genre but that doesn’t include things like Miniseries, Scripted, and Video which the “Show Type” does.

The full explanation is here.

So could we please add the “TV Show Type” to the Library options?

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In agree this would be great … and ought to lay down the infrastructure for the full batch of metadata TMDB provides for TV shows:

Status: (Returning, Ended, Cancelled)
Network: (HBO, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.)
Type: (Scripted, Documentary, News, Miniseries, Reality, Talk Show)
Original (Spoken) Language(s): (English, or, I’m going to need subtitles)

Since the library is now showing miniseries it’d be a great time to include the rest of the TV show types.