Add translucent background to subtitles

One of the features I like in Plex is that it shows a dark translucent background for the subtitles. Would love to see that come to Infuse!

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Discussion here.

This is a must. With all the great features implemented in Infuse by now, this should be a priority. Together with video post-processing and sharpening options (coming in 5.8 release) this would make Infuse near perfect?

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This should be a priority to implement. It is the the one thing that stops anyone who frequently uses subtitles from switching from the native Plex player. It’s very hard to read the subtitles without the background. Given the number of requests on this over years, an ETA would be appreciated.

This is the current suggestion thread with the most views/momentum/attention about the subtitle background topic - Add background behind subtitles. Please use this discussion to put our suggestions about pretty much the same topic in the same place for easy reference.

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