Add to favorites from regular file/folder view

One of the important functionalities in Infuse is to add favorites. For example, I added root of my video folder from NAS as favorites, so I can always access to all my videos; however, Infuse have nasty habit of resetting view on ATV on open (let’s say I went to some folder deep inside my NAS to watch videos, then exited Infuse with Home button and when I open Infuse next time I got 50/50 chance to open back to that folder or main page of Infuse)

So my suggestion is - can you add option to add folder to Favorites from UI where you can select file to watch and not only from special UI that allow adding folders as favorites.
This would help with adding folder to favorites faster when I want to watch something in deep sub folder and not looking that sub folder twice (once from separate UI that allow adding to favorites and second time actually when I am going to it to watch, or rather if I did not finish with that folder I can just add it to favorites to faster come back to it)