Add the "Mark as Watched" option to folders

A few months back I made the suggestion to add the “Reload metadata” option in the pop-up window for folders. Much to my enjoyment… you guys actually added it! This is very handy when you want to reload the metadata for an entire directory… but don’t want to reload all of your metadata, or to do it one by one.

Now I’m asking for another feature to be added to folders… the ability to “Mark as Watched” and “Mark as Unwatched” to folders. That way, when I add a new folder of videos that I have seen before to my server (like a season of a TV Show), I don’t have to go through each and every file… marking it as watched… which takes a long time. If I could simply select, “Mark as Watched” to that whole folder of newly added video, it would save a lot of time and effort.

Thanks for all your hard work thus far! ATV Flash is great!

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This is a great idea!

totally aggree with this idea !

Can you add this simple and useful feature in the atv flash 2.1??

Thank you in advance.

Kind regards.


Yes, its a pain to manually mark each and every episode individually…

A workaround for this in the current version would be mark the files as ‘seen’ on Doing this will cause the same files to be marked as watched on the Apple TV.

trakt allows you to mark an entire series or season as watched with a single click.