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Hey @james & team.

It’s possible to add sync.con to the cloud services? Since google is limiting the storage I was looking different option and seems like is cheap & has good reputation.

I’m looking where to migrate my 25TB library that I currently have with Google & share with my friends or split an unlimited account with another user. Since I have only 2 month left with Google. :sweat_smile:


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Will you all ever support this cloud service please?


25 terabytes! Besides the main request of this thread, which would be useful on itself, haven’t you ever considered buying a NAS or building your own media server?

I know the upfront cost is way bigger but long term you won’t have to deal with cloud services prices nor ridiculous policies.

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Hello ,
For some users it’s not profitable the NAS I currently have 192 to of multimedia storage, on a nas it’s impossible financially


I do have a NAS with 32TB plus other external HDD with around 24 TB in total but I share my library with friends & I can’t afford right now more HDD.

In case you wonder I don’t like to delete the movies to safe space because what happened with megaupload, rapidshare etc etc

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hello @james it would be great to add to the list of support cloud services

I moved your post to an already running thread requesting this feature.

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thank you

Is this just a dream or did you actually do this? Rclone doesn’t support sync and sync is actually very slow in my experience, so it’s basically useless for any large files. Even open drive is better (which does work with infuse through WebDAV) but nothing beats Google Drive/Dropbox/Box outside of your own NAS

If this isn’t a suggestion that you want then there’s no need to belittle a users request. Some people are leaving Google and Dropbox due to limitations they don’t like.

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I’m well aware and have already been through that myself. I had more than 1 PB on Google Drive.

Only thing I’m belittling is because it’s not worth anyone’s time or money. Just warning OP and others if they’ve even attempted to use Sync

@yungboi which cloud storage provider are you using or did you move to a NAS?

I prefer NAS but that is me.

You had more than one million gigabytes stored on Google Drive? That’s more raw data than can be stored on 10,000 triple-layer 100gb UHD Blu-ray Discs each full to the final bit.

(Best I can tell, there have been fewer than 1,300 total unique commercial titles released on UHD discs (of any size) since the format’s inception thru Feb of this year.)

Exactly what sort of data are we talking about?

Hello, I have trouble understanding, how can you direct people to a NAS when you have more than 100 tb of multimedia storage. When I see the price of a nas and hard drives, I have trouble understanding how you find it profitable…, for 50 tb why not and again… but from 100 tb I don’t see the profitability doesn’t do the job well either. Because of the limitation of storage per file, we are forced to go through rclone+chunky this greatly slows down the upload rate. You have to see for, but I’m afraid it doesn’t work properly because API management doesn’t seem to be their strength either