Add support for ReplayGain in Infuse

Does Infuse have support for ReplayGain?

There’s a bunch of tools nowadays that can add ReplayGain tags if they are not present already - including in videos.

The issue I’m facing is I downloaded a few favorite YT videos. When I played them on AppleTV I noticed it doesn’t feel the same. In YT with my headphones on, I count 5 notches for the volume so let’s say “level 5”. In Infuse, t have to add at least one notch, so “level 6” BUT… at some point the volume becomes really loud. I can’t set the volume anywhere between 5 and 6 with my bluetooth headphones. It either sounds a little weak compared to YT, or it sounds a little too loud.

Having done some research it sounds like the YT client, but also many audio players these days support something called ReplayGain tags, and they adjust the volume accordingly without having to re-encode the audio.

It would be really good to have this support for video files.

Alternatively what solution would you recommend? I’m looking at re=encoding the audio with tools like GitHub - slhck/ffmpeg-normalize: Audio Normalization for Python/ffmpeg - it normalizes the audio in a video file maintaining the video & other data streams. But I haven’t been able to figure out how to fix the audio so it sounds just like in the YT client, not weak, not too loud.

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