Add Support for Plex Skip Intro

Like to shout out a feature request - Plex have started a skip intro service and I gather that they’re coding the intro markers into the XML data for the videos.

Would be great if infuse could grab these markers and present a similar skip intro button.

Also, support for special audio on AirPods!

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Plex has just introduced this feature allowing one to skip commercials without actually destructively deleting them. Any chance of Infuse being able to use this feature. I much prefer using Infuse to the native Plex app on my Apple TV to view my Plex recordings

The feature works quite well to skip through commercials in Plex on an Apple TV, does no one else having this in infuse would be useful rather than having to manual skip through them?

Native plex seems the better option here. Infuse focuses on cloud storage playback while plex is introducing the really great features…

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+1 very useful feature. I am surprised it’s not available yet on Infuse.

I’d love to see Plex’s Skip Intro and Skip Commercial added to Infuse!

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I’m assuming no headways were made on this?

I switched from infuse back to the plex app just for this feature as well as the option to play movie trailers. I’d love for infuse to be able to use plex’s skip intro.

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Me too, i switched back to Plex because of this skip intro feature …

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This would be a nice addition. There’s some open source projects that have implemented it as well, like PlexKodiConnect, if that’s helpful for finding the API.

+1 for me on this feature. I like Infuse app for the better Atmos support but got used to the skip intro feature on the native Plex app. Would love the best of both worlds.

Is there a way you guys can add a Skip Intro option in Infuse like in Netflix.

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Hi team! There is an idea for you that could improve the experience: the ability to skip the opening credit of any tv shows! That should be feasible with timeline tags !

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This would be awesome

Don’t forget that you need to click the like button on the first post in this thread to show your support for this suggestion! :wink: