Add Support for Plex Skip Intro

+1 for me on this feature. I like Infuse app for the better Atmos support but got used to the skip intro feature on the native Plex app. Would love the best of both worlds.

Is there a way you guys can add a Skip Intro option in Infuse like in Netflix.

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Hi team! There is an idea for you that could improve the experience: the ability to skip the opening credit of any tv shows! That should be feasible with timeline tags !

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This would be awesome

Don’t forget that you need to click the like button on the first post in this thread to show your support for this suggestion! :wink:

Really hoping for this. I had a look and the markers are easily accessible within the MediaContainer Video XML element:

<Marker id=“163933” type=“intro” startTimeOffset=“990” endTimeOffset=“20326”/>

+1 on this feature.

It is a must have for me to migrate definitivly to infuse.

This just got moved to “planned”. Might have to setup plex just to get this feature :man_shrugging:t3:

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Fantastic news

I wonder if us Infuse purists will get this too somewhere down the line…


That would be a little difficult… it takes Plex a good amount of time in order to process all of the files to find the intro section. If there was an open source database that held that information Infuse could hook into that would be a possibility, but again you can get the files from different locations so the timestamps probably won’t match up (not to mention potential for commercials inside the video file etc).


Yeah, I thought of that too. I assume that Plex must deliver something for this API to work. So maybe we can re-create that and use it for non-Plex users. I would be happy editing on a per season level to just skip the first minute of every episode. Anything would help

Yeah…well maybe the new Apple TV is fast enough to do something. Or maybe just implement AI to learn how you skip the beginning and end of episodes and suggest it for subsequent episodes. Wouldn’t require analyzing videos for that.

This has been added in today’s 7.0.4 update.

Enjoy! :slight_smile:

Note: This feature requires a Plex Pass.


That’s very exciting. Thanks so much James!

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Works well for me also. Really appreciate the parity with the Plex client app on this one.

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