Add support for EIA-608 Subtitle/CC

I record Live TV through Channels DVR. They record off a HDHomeRun and they have cc embedded in the file. I play it back through VLC and it shows the CC subtitle tracks but when I try and playback through Infuse it doesn’t show a subtitle track. I use Infuse when I travel. I throw some shows on a SSD and play them back on my iPad Air and it works perfectly but can’t seem to see the CC subtitle track on there? Any ideas?


What type/format of subtitle?

I’m not for sure. Will it tell me that information on VLC?

You may have better luck using mediainfo.


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I’m not a subtitle guru but I don’t see that listed in supported formats for subtitles. See the bottom of the page here for the list of supported subtitles.

Answer here

I found a post from March 2019 about it being implemented in the future. Is this on the timeline of getting added?

I would doubt if there’s any close timeline for this since you make the second person with this issue in three years but I don’t know what the devs have on their plate. It may be a case of pay to play with the codec but I really don’t know.

Is there any options in channels or homerun to change sub formats?

There isn’t. It comes from the Over The Air broadcast from recording on my antenna. So it’s embedded into the file. I would have to convert them using CCExtractor.

Have you tried getting more subs from within Infuse when you need them?

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I could do that. But I have commercials baked into the file so they become off sync when i tried pulling from Infuse and doesn’t work. That’s why I would like to use the subtitles that are baked into the file.

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I’ll modify the title of this thread and move it to suggestions so at least it’s where others can show support for this feature. :wink:


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