Add support for additional NFO tags

i created a kodi nfo file for each movie with tinymediamanager.
first: i tried to add manually <userStarRating 6 </userStarRating but was not working.

second: is this rating tag not supportet?
<rating default=“false” max=“10” name=“themoviedb”
<value 6.6</value
<votes 2747</votes
<rating default=“true” max=“10” name=“imdb”
<value 6.9</value
<votes 319863</votes

(this editor blocs >).

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<userStarRating>9</userStarRating> Should work. I believe the only supported tags are the ones listed in the sample file on this users guide.

userStarRating is not working. If i switch to online metadata i have a rating, if i switch back to local metadata the rating is missing. i added a test genre in the nfo file to verify that the nfo file is used. but the rating is missing.

Ananas.Express.(2008).1080p.AC3.nfo (16.1 KB)

Have you tried copying the example file and just changing the values in it? I know Infuse will accept local metadata doing it that way. Maybe there’s a difference in your version vs what the sample has for layout.

Maybe you could post the metadata file that’s not working so we could compare.

i uploaded the metadata file to the previous post.
i also tried this example file: Inception but here it not even uses the title??!!

=> i found out why the sample.xml is not working. It is because i called it sample.nfo.

Could you try this file and see if it gives you the star rating and the title along with the plot?

The rest will be bogus but I just wanted to check the problem segments.

Ananas.Express.(2008).1080p.AC3.xml (1.4 KB)

with your Ananas.Express.(2008).1080p.AC3.xml i can see the star rating. But i had to delete my Ananas.Express.(2008).1080p.AC3.nfo file first (with the nfo extension).

I like to use the .nfo (kodi format), because genre, title, etc… is working except the rating. Is it possible to fix this issue?

It may be the extra items that is causing the problem but I can’t say for sure. I believe that the example has all the items that will work with Infuse and trying to add additional info may cause serious problems with the layouts on the screens.

If you’re referring to the extension of .nfo you could probably change the xml to nfo and it should still work. I think I’ve done this in the past. I’d try it but I’m not where I can give it a shot right now.

renaming the xml to nfo is not working. With Infuse 6 the star rating was working with my nfo files. After the update to infuse 7 all star ratings where gone.

This may be a bug. We’re looking into it.

Thanks for the report. :slight_smile:

Quick update here.

Currently Infuse will look for the legacy rating tag in NFO files. userStarRating is used for XML files.

We’ll soon be adding support for some of the newer NFO tags, which should resolve what’s going on here.


Take a look at my first post, my nfo file also contains the rating tag. Does it looks ok for infuse?

That is actually the ratings tag which is different. It includes a rating sub item, but this is not what Infuse currently looks for.

Today’s 7.0.5 update features support for additional NFO tags, including: year, premiered, ratings, and userrating

Enjoy! :slight_smile:

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