Add Substitles to Video Metadata

Hello everybody! Today I come here to ask a question to the community.

Is it possible to add subtitles into a video as a form of metadata?
The thing is, I want to know if it is possible to have only a .mp4 video file that has multiple subtitles from different languages inside it, where I could change in any media player, without the need of a .srt (or similar) file along with it.

Google is your friend. :wink:
I haven’t done this but it looks pretty straight forward.

I did search on Google, but didn’t find the solution. Unfortunately this method only adds the subtitle to the current playing video, it doesn’t adds it permanently to the file. But thanks for the try!

You didn’t read far enough. :wink:

It doesn’t have much to read. Tried and didn’t work.

But I found out that Handbrake can do the job. I can embed multiple subtitles on a mp4 file with it. The only problem is to find the right configuration to mantain quality and don’t change the file size too much on renconding process.

Does it have to be mp4 or can you convert to mkv? Mkvtoolnix is a good tool to add subtitles and other things to mkv files


You can use MP4Tools ( ) to embed (mux) subtitles without having to re-encode.

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