Add specific subsolder when adding share

Hi All

I’ve been lent an Apple TV 2 by a mate to try and convince me to jailbreak mine and get aTV Flash but I’m having a problem setting it up.

My computer has a number of shared folders for different things. Some of these I dont want on apple TV. I have read that when setting up a share you can specify an actual share rather than just specifying the PC however I cant seem to get this to work. When it scans my network and autodetects my computer it adds 2 feilds which show my computer name. I’ve changed this so that it has the computername/sharename (i did try computername\sharename but this gave a ‘not found’ error) however when i then go into ‘my files’ it shows all the shares in my computer which I dont want.

The scannong really takes forever and I dont have all my media (which isnt a lot) showing because its taking its time scanning shares which dont have media in them and some shares are nearly 500gb.

What am i doing wrong?


I would also like to know the answer to this.  I have a NAS with shares for music, movies, tv shows and so on.  But when it scans my network it just lists my NAS and doesn’t let me get to any of the shares.  If I type in the share name (i.e: myNas\movies) it does not come up with any content.


Did anyone ever get an answer on this?  I’m having the same problem.  I don’t want it to scan every share on my NAS, but I can’t seem to get it to work with just one directory structure.